Tamilex seminar : Jean-Luc Chevillard

Tamilex seminar : Jean-Luc Chevillard

4 juillet 2023

Tamilex Seminal, Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures de Hamburg

Mardi 4 juillet, 13h30-15h
Alsterterrasse 1, 20354 Hamburg

Jean-Luc Chevillard : « New old *words for Classical Tamil: Elements of information concerning the early print history of the Tivākaram, first Classical Tamil poetical vocabulary, in comparison with some MSS evidence » 

The first Classical Tamil poetical vocabulary is called Tivākaram, or Cēntaṉ-Rivākaram, after its patron Cēntaṉ, and is usually dated to the 9th century. Its Editio Princeps, which was printed in 1839, was mainly the result of the efforts of Tāṇṭavarāyamutaliyār, a Tamil scholar who had earlier been involved in the preparation of the 1819 and 1824 editions of the Caturakarāti. His 1839 edition of the Tivākaram contains, in two columns, the text of the cūttiram-s of the first ten sections in the left column, accompanied in the right column by an explication, in the form of lists, termed "peyarppirivu", of the core content of the cūttiram text. A notable feature of this edition is that some of the cūttiram-s are preceded by a * sign, which the editor refers to as uṭukkuṟi in the title page, and concerning which he tells us that these cūttiram-s have been added by him to the original text. Our main concern during this presentation will be to try to quantify the proportion of those additions, by comparing the printed edition to several palm-leaf manuscripts. We shall also discuss the long-term consequences of those 1839 additions on the subsequent print history of the Tivākaram.

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